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In Adrift in a Sea of M&M's


"In Adrift in a Sea of M&M's, Marcel Price often playfully engages difficult narratives revolving around race, mental health, and our place in the world. Topics that are normally difficult and burdensome become lights and far easier to navigate through Price's eyes, and through Price's language. If the mission of this type of work is to shine a light on anyone who has ever felt like an outsider, or anyone who has felt like an "other," Marcel Price has succeeded in talking about shared struggles with nuance and patience. Every poem arcs upwards to an ending joy, or a brutal and needed honestly. Whether it is an assessment of America's issues with medication, or a complex look at bubbles, this collection has everything you need to come out clean, looking at the world in new and exciting ways." - Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib Author of "The Crown Ain't Worth Much".

"Fable the Poet writes poetry that balances being both insightful and accessible. His ability to translate the lives we live into poetry raises awareness, understanding, and appreciation. The structure and rhythm of the poems help to effectively convey each message." - Dasan Ahanu Poet and performance artist, artist in residence at the Hayti Heritage Center, and Nasir Jones Fellow at Harvard University's Hip Hop Archive.

"Marcel "Fable" Price captures the complexities of mixed-race issues with grace, humor, and sincerity. It is his ferocious truth and fearless writing that invites the reader on a journey to experience and learn in ways you'd least expect. This book was worth every morsel and is more delicious than even peanut M&M's; and they are my favorite. Enjoy!" - Lacey Roop, a nationally acclaimed and touring spoken word artist who resides in Austin, TX.


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